Hello! I'm TanookiTwirls!

I'm a Philadelphia based hula hoop & flow arts instructor, and specialty performer. I've been instructing and performing for 9 years!I specialize in hoops! My services include:
- Roaming entertainment
- Weddings
- Corporate events
- Children's birthday parties
- Street Festivals and more!
I've performed at concerts and street festivals with audiences of 2000+. Contact to book me via any of the methods on the bottom of this site!

Virtual Lessons

I first developed my love for teaching in 2016 at my sold-out workshop in Philadelphia. I now deliver this same, fiery passion via tutorials, workshops and written content exclusively on Patreon which allows me to reach hoop students all over the globe. Private Zoom lessons available.

Private Lessons/ Group Lessons

Whether you're a beginner looking to expand your skills or an experienced hooper looking to spice up your flow - I've got you covered!
Other services:
- fire fans
- intro to flow arts

Upcoming Events

Hula Hooping 101 Workshop at Philly Circus
Every Friday in January 2024 6-7pm
Hoop Hoop, Hurray! Hula Hooping 101 is a workshop designed to provide students a solid foundation for all things hula hoop! No previous experience is needed for this progressive 4-week series.
We will begin the series with fundamental skills, learning basic terminology and continue to build on these skills week by week. Whether you’re looking to start your hula hoop journey for performing, for fitness, or for movement meditation – this workshop will leave you with the skills to reach your personal goals! Come hoop with TanookiTwirls, and explore the child inside of you!
Click here to register
The Hoop Jawn Hoop Festival
February 3-4th 2024 I will be performing and instructing at The Hoop Jawn! This is the Mid-Atlantic’s newest premier hula hoop retreat launching this year in Philadelphia. Click here to buy tickets

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