Hello! I'm TanookiTwirls!

I'm a Philadelphia based hula hoop & flow arts instructor, and specialty performer. I've been instructing and performing for 8+ years!I specialize in hoops! My services include:
- Roaming entertainment
- Weddings
- Corporate events
- Children's birthday parties
- Street Festivals and more!
I've performed at concerts and street festivals with audiences of 2000+. Contact to book me via any of the methods on the bottom of this site!

Virtual Lessons

I first developed my love for teaching in 2016 at my sold-out workshop in Philadelphia. I now deliver this same, fiery passion via tutorials, workshops and written content exclusively on Patreon which allows me to reach hoop students all over the globe. Private Zoom lessons available.

Private Lessons/ Group Lessons

Whether you're a beginner looking to expand your skills or an experienced hooper looking to spice up your flow - I've got you covered!
Other services:
- fire fans
- intro to flow arts

Upcoming Events

Next Virtual Workshop
SASSY PASSES with TanookiTwirls
All levels No pre-reqs
Looking to take your hooping skills to the next level? Hoop passes are an essential transitional skill for all hoopers! In this class, we will explore a variety of combinations to add some SASS to your usual hoop passes!
We will begin class by reviewing the basic technique of hand passes, behind the neck passes and move onto more advanced passes. These passes include but are not limited to
- scorpion pass
- neck to elbow
- bunny ears elbow pass
- hand to foot
- butt pass (yes seriously)
and more!
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